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Councillor Jack Edwards

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Councillor Jack Edwards
04 May 2023
First Elected
04 May 2023
Bocking South
C/O Braintree District Council Offices
Causeway House
Bocking End
Job Title:

Election History

Thu 4 May 2023  

Party Representation History

ConservativeThu 4 May 2023

Ward Representation History

Bocking SouthThu 4 May 2023

Current Outside Body Appointments

Past Outside Body Appointments

Past Outside BodyPast Joining DatePast Leaving Date
There are no past outside bodies for this member.

Personal Register of Interests

Date of NoticeReceipt by Monitoring OfficerView
There are no register of interest records for this member.

Meeting Declarations

Committee NameMeeting DateNatureView
There are no meeting declarations for this member.
Wed, 27 Mar 2024Operations/Waste Changes and Climate Change 
Wed, 6 Mar 2024Housing 
Wed, 7 Feb 2024Health and Wellbeing 
Tue, 16 Jan 2024Community Safety and PFCC  
Wed, 13 Dec 2023Cost of Living 
Wed, 22 Nov 2023Corporate Scrutiny Committee 
Thu, 9 Nov 2023Finance Seminar 
Wed, 1 Nov 2023Devolution 
Wed, 18 Oct 2023Corporate Strategy 
Wed, 13 Sep 2023Introduction to Overview and Scrutiny 
Wed, 16 Aug 2023Levelling Up 
Mon, 22 May 2023Effective Ward Councillor  
There are no hospitality and gift records for this member.

Councillors’ Community Grant

This grant scheme operates from 1st September 2016 and provides all 49 Ward Councillors with funds to support organisations and groups to develop and deliver community projects and initiatives that benefit local residents.

The Councillor Community Grants Scheme is monitored by the Grants Panel and Councillors are obliged to consider the Member Code of Conduct when making grant decisions.  To aid transparency the details of each grant are published below.

Grants made by Councillor Jack Edwards:


Organisation: Friends of Bradford Street
Charity Registration Number: N/A
Project: Blue Plaques
Overall cost of Project: £2350
Grant Awarded: £200
Joint Grant: Yes (with Councillors J Baugh, K Bowers, L Bowers-Flint, G Butland, M Cunningham, T Cunningham, L Jefferis, G Prime, F Ricci, M Thorogood, L Walters
Date: 21st July 2023
Financial Year: 2023/24

Organisation: Baby Stuff Braintree
Charity Registration Number: N/A
Project: Winter Warmers 2023
Overall cost of Project: £4000
Grant Awarded: £200
Joint Grant: Yes (with Councillors G Butland, M Cunningham, T Cunningham, G Prime, F Ricci, R van Dulken, L Walters
Date: 20th September 2023
Financial Year: 2023/24

Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

1. Employment, office, trade, profession or vocation

Councillor:  Senior Parliamentary Assistant.

Spouse: N/A

2. Financial Support

Councillor: Election expenses met by the Braintree Constituency Conservative Association.

Spouse: N/A

3. Contracts with Braintree District Council

Councillor: None.

Spouse: N/A

4. Land/Property

Councillor: 11 Sheringham Drive, Braintree, CM77 7FY

Spouse: N/A.

5. Property Licences

Councillor: None

Spouse: N/A

6. Tenancies with Braintree District Council

Councillor: None

Spouse: N/A

7. Securities

Councillor: None

Spouse: N/A

Other Pecuniary Interest

8. Employment

The Rt Hon. Dame Andrea Leadsom MP

9. Discharged Contracts with Braintree District Council


Registerable Non-Pecuniary interests

10. Relevant Memberships

Member of Conservative and Unionist Party and LGBT+ Conservatives.

11. Gifts and Hospitality with as estimated value of at least £50



Updated: 30th May 2023