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Councillor Stevie Hicks

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09 May 2019
First Elected
09 May 2019
Job Title:

Election History

Thu 9 May 2019 Mon 8 May 2023 Local Elections - May 2023

Party Representation History

Green PartyThu 2 May 2019 Mon 8 May 2023

Ward Representation History

Witham NorthThu 9 May 2019 Mon 8 May 2023

Current Committee Memberships

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Personal Register of Interests

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Meeting Declarations

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Tue, 28 Feb 2023Housing Strategy 
Thu, 9 Feb 2023Planning (including enforcement) 
Thu, 29 Sep 2022Economic Development 
Thu, 26 May 2022Strategic Risk Register 
Tue, 4 Jun 2019Introduction to The Local Plan and Economic Development 
Thu, 30 May 2019Introduction to Environmental Services and Enforcement, and Housing and Community Services 
Tue, 28 May 2019Introduction to Local Government Finance and Strategic Investments 
Tue, 14 May 2019Introduction to Council Services 
Thu, 9 May 2019Member Induction Day - Overview of the Council including Role of Councillor and Code of Conduct  
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Organisation: Holdfast Credit Union Bank
Project: The 'Jar Jar' Project 
Overall cost of project: £900.00
Grant awarded: £900.00
Joint Grant: Yes (with Councillor Michelle Weeks, Councillor Angela Kilmartin, Councillor Sue Wilson and Councillor Patrick Horner)
Date: 8th October 2019
Financial Year: 2019/20

Organisation: Witham Town Youth Football Club
Project: Soccability Football
Overall cost of Project: £3,270
Grant Awarded: £100.00
Joint Grant: Yes - Councillors Patrick Horner, Justin Wrench, Bill Rose, Ron Ramage, Mrs Angela Kilmartin and James Coleridge 
Date: 19th December 2019
Financial Year: 2019/20

Organisation: The Templars Residents Association
Project: Templars Defibrillator 
Overall cost of Project: £2,000
Grant Awarded: £150
Joint Grant: Yes - Councillors Bill Rose, Miss Michelle Weeks and Mrs Angela Kilmartin
Date: 8th October 2019
Financial Year: 2019/20

Organisation: Braintree & Bocking Community Association 
Project: IT Installation
Overall cost of Project: £2,870
Grant Awarded: £2,600
Joint Grant: Yes (Councillors Graham Butland, Mrs Mary Cunningham, Justin Wrench and Paul Euesden)
Date: 13th November 2020
Financial Year: 2020/21

Organisation: Templar's Community Association
Charity No.: 
Project: Templar's Jubilee Fun Day
Overall cost of project: £1060
Grant awarded: £530
Joint Grant: Yes (with Councillor Michelle Weeks)
Date: 7th February 2022
Financial Year: 2021/22

Organisation: Royal British Legion
Charity No.: 219279
Project: Indoor Bowls refurbishment
Overall cost of project: £2340.95
Grant awarded: £900.00
Joint Grant: Yes (with Councillors Michelle Weeks and Angela Kilmartin)
Date: 4th March 2022
Financial Year: 2021/22

Organisation: Witham Cricket Club
Registered Charity Number: N/A
Project: Boundary Rope Project  
Overall cost of project: £450
Grant awarded: £450
Joint Grant: No
Date: 31st August 2022
Financial Year: 2022/23

Organisation: Witham Town Council
Registered Charity Number: N/A
Project: Listening Bench Revival
Overall cost of project: £1,169
Grant awarded: £529
Joint Grant: Yes - Councillor Mrs Wilson
Date: 20th February 2023
Financial Year: 2022/23

Organisation: Witham Town Council
Registered Charity Number: N/A
Project: Town Communication Enhancements  
Overall cost of project: £1,907
Grant awarded: £341
Joint Grant: Yes - Councillor Miss Weeks
Date: 21st February 2023
Financial Year: 2022/23

Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

1. Employment, office, trade, profession or vocation

Councillor: Self Employed Driving Instructor (DVSA - ADI), Director of S Hicks Ltd and Town Councillor (Witham Town Council).

Spouse: Awaiting details - ISOCool Refrigeration

2. Financial Support

Councillor: Election expenses met by Witham and Braintree Green Party

Spouse: None

3. Contracts with Braintree District Council

Councillor: None

Spouse: None

4. Land/Property

Councillor: 9 Malyon Road, Witham, CM8 1DF

Spouse: 9 Malyon Road, Witham, CM8 1DF

5. Property Licences

Councillor: 60 Pelly Avenue, Witham, CM8 1JJ (Greenfields Community Housing Association)

Spouse: None

6. Tenancies with Braintree District Council

Councillor: None

Spouse: None

7. Securities

Councillor:S Hicks Ltd

Spouse: S Hicks Ltd

Other Pecuniary Interest

8. Employment

S Hicks Ltd (Private Limited Company - Company number 07325740) - Self Employed Driving Instructor/School

9. Discharged Contracts with Braintree District Council


Registerable Non-Pecuniary interests

10. Relevant Memberships

Witham Town Council, Institute of the Motor Industry (iMi), The Automobile Association, Jaguar Enthusiastic Club, The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes("Grand Executive Banner"), National Deaf Children's Society, National Gardens Scheme (Yellow Book), British Red Cross, Brtish Telecom, the Green Party and Greenpeace.

11. Gifts and Hospitality with as estimated value of at least £50



Updated: 24th June 2019

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