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Councillor Mick Radley

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Councillor Mick Radley
09 May 2019
First Elected
09 May 2019
Halstead Residents' Association
Halstead St Andrews
C/O Causeway House
Bocking End
Telephone No:
01787 475145

Cllr. Mick Radley was elected for the first time and a District Councillor in May 2019 representing the St Andrews Ward in Halstead.


He is also the St Andrews (North) ward Councillor on Halstead Town Council where he is currently the Vice Chairman and Deputy Mayor.


Having lived in Halstead for the past 45 years, he has a strong passion for the town and wants to play his part in developing a successful future.


Outside of local government he is Chairman of the local town Twinning Association. He has a strong interest promoting the town and links between the residents of Halstead and the twin town of Haubourdin in France.

Job Title:

Election History

Thu 9 May 2019 Elected on 2nd May 2019

Party Representation History

Halstead Residents' Association Thu 2 May 2019

Ward Representation History

Halstead St AndrewsThu 9 May 2019

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Thu, 9 May 2019Member Induction Day - Overview of the Council including Role of Councillor and Code of Conduct 
There are no hospitality and gift records for this member.

Organisation: Halstead Day Centre 
Registered Charity Number: 280552
Project: Halstead Day Centre Transport Costs 
Overall cost of project: £8,515
Grant awarded: £500
Joint Grant: No
Date: 8th January 2020
Financial Year: 2019/20

Organisation: Home-Start Essex
Registered Charity Number: 1170940
Project: Volunteer Training to cover Halstead Families 
Overall cost of project: £4,750
Grant awarded: £500
Joint Grant: No
Date: 29th January 2020
Financial Year: 2019/20

Organisation: Empire Theatre Trust
Registered Charity Number: 1178975
Project: Community cinema
Overall cost of project: £1,100
Grant awarded: £550
Joint Grant: Yes - with Councillor Mrs Pell
Date: 30th October 2021
Financial Year: 2021/22

Organisation: Halstead Day Centre
Registered Charity Number: 280552
Project: Members Christmas dinner and Christmas fare 
Overall cost of project: £300
Grant awarded: £300
Joint Grant: No
Date: 22nd November 2021
Financial Year: 2021/22

Organisation:EC2K Plus
Registered Charity Number: N/A
Project: PROW extension 
Overall cost of project: £3125
Grant awarded: £500
Joint Grant: No
Date: 1st December 2021
Financial Year: 2021/22

Organisation: Salvation Army Braintree
Charity No.: 214779
Project: Support for Christmas meal 2021
Overall cost of project: £1500
Grant awarded: £500
Joint Grant: Yes (Councillors: David Hume, Mrs Jackie Pell)
Date: 14th November 2021
Financial Year: 2021/22

Organisation: The BIG Sing
Registered Charity Number: 1100673
Project: Halstead Daytime Choir 
Overall cost of project: £5000
Grant awarded: £500
Joint Grant: No
Date: 13th May 2022
Financial Year: 2022/23

Organisation: Empire Theatre Trust CIO
Registered Charity Number: 1178975
Project: Dementia Friendly Choir Project with Christmas Concert 
Overall cost of project: £5000
Grant awarded: £500
Joint Grant: Yes - with Councillor Mrs Jackie Pell
Date: 2nd August 2022
Financial Year: 2022/23

Disclosable Pecuniary Interests


1. Employment, office, trade, profession or vocation


Councillor:  Retired from Delphi Diesel Systems Ltd, Part Time Support to Fathers Field Developments Ltd (Trading as Colne Valley Golf Club) and Parish Councillor for Halstead Town Council.

Spouse: Retired


2. Financial Support


Councillor: Election expenses from the Halstead Residents' Association.

Spouse: None


3. Contracts with Braintree District Council


Councillor/Spouse: None  


4. Land/Property


Councillor/Spouse: Declared to the Monitoring Officer - Dispensation against publication granted - 15/11/2021


5. Property Licences


Councillor/Spouse: None


6. Tenancies with Braintree District Council


Councillor/Spouse: None


7. Securities


Councillor/Spouse: None


Other Pecuniary Interest


8. Employment




9. Discharged Contracts with Braintree District Council




Registerable Non-Pecuniary interests



10. Relevant Memberships


Halstead Twining Association, Halstead Residents' Association and Parish Councillor of Halstead Town Council.


11. Gifts and Hospitality with as estimated value of at least £50




Updated: 16th November 2021