Councillor James Abbott

Councillor  James Abbott
09 May 2019
05 May 2011
Green Party
Silver End and Cressing
1 Waterfall Cottages
Park Road
01376 584576
07951 923073

First elected to Braintree District Council in May 1999 and a Member continuously since.

The ward originally was formed of Rivenhall and Silver End parishes, with various boundary changes since to include Bradwell parish for a period but now comprises the parishes of Silver End, Cressing and Rivenhall.

Leader of the Green and Independent Group on Braintree District Council since May 2019.

Elected in May 1999 to Rivenhall Parish Council; Chairman since May 2007.

Elected to Essex County Council for Witham Northern division in May 2013 and re-elected in 2017.


Electoral Ward Profile 

Member Allowances and Expenses


Updated: 24th July 2019

Election History

Thu 5 May 2011 Wed 6 May 2015 Re-elected
Thu 7 May 2015 Mon 6 May 2019 Retirement and Re-elected
Thu 9 May 2019 Elected on 2nd May 2019

Party Representation History

PartyRepresentation FromRepresentation To
Green PartyThu 2 May 2019

Ward Representation History

WardRepresentation FromRepresentation To
Silver End and CressingThu 5 May 2011 Wed 6 May 2015
Silver End and CressingThu 7 May 2015 Mon 6 May 2019
Silver End and CressingThu 9 May 2019

Current Committee Memberships

CommitteeRoleJoining Date
Council Member28 May 2015
Planning Committee Member22 May 2019

Past Committee Memberships

CommitteeRoleJoining DateLeaving Date
Community Governance Review Committee Member24 April 201706 May 2019
Appointments Committee Member11 December 201706 May 2019
Appointment Committee (Corporate Director) Member26 March 201806 May 2019
Planning Committee Member28 May 201525 April 2016

Current Outside Body Appointments

Past Outside Body Appointments

Not a past member of any Outside Body.

Personal Register of Interests

Meeting Declarations

Thu, 30 May 2019Introduction to Environmental Services and Enforcement, and Housing and Community Services 
Thu, 16 May 2019Introduction to Committees, Member Development and DP/FOI 
Tue, 14 May 2019Introduction to Council Services 
Thu, 9 May 2019Member Induction Day - Overview of the Council including Role of Councillor and Code of Conduct  
Mon, 28 Jan 2019PFCC 
Wed, 21 Nov 2018Scrutiny of the Priorities for 2019/20 and Initial Budget Position 
Mon, 16 Apr 2018Member Development - Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner/Community Safety HubsSession Outline: • To provide an overview of the work of the Office of the Police, Fire and CrimeCommissioner. • To provide an overview of the Braintree DistrictCommunity Safety Partnership Strategic Assessment 2017/18. • To provide an overview of the Braintree Community Safety Hub Session Outcomes: • Have an improved awareness of the work of the Office of the Police, Fire and CrimeCommissioner. • Understand the benefits & importance of partnership working within the Community Safety Hubs.
Wed, 22 Nov 2017Overview and Scrutiny 
Tue, 21 Nov 2017Planning Training 
Wed, 28 Jun 2017Member Development 
Wed, 1 Feb 2017Member Development 
Mon, 5 Dec 2016Member Development 
Tue, 26 Jul 2016Development Evening Programme 
Tue, 30 Jun 2015Public Health Development Training 
Wed, 13 May 2015Member Induction 
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Councillors’ Community Grant

This grant scheme operates from 1st September 2016 and provides all 49 Ward Councillors with funds to support organisations and groups to develop and deliver community projects and initiatives that benefit local residents.

The Councillor Community Grants Scheme is monitored by the Grants Panel and Councillors are obliged to consider the Member Code of Conduct when making grant decisions.  To aid transparency the details of each grant are published below. 

Grants made by Councillor James Abbott:

Organisation:1st Silver End Scouts

Project:Summer Festival

Overall cost of project: £500

Grant awarded: £500

Joint Grant: No

Date: 12th June 2017


Organisation:Greener Silver End

Project: Picnic in the Park

Overall cost of project: £200.00 

Grant awarded:  £150.00

Joint Grant: No

Date: 26th June 2017


Organisation: Rivenhall Playing Fields Association 

Project: New Shed / Storage Facility

Overall cost of project: £1022

Grant awarded: £511

Joint Grant: YES (Cllr Kevin Bowers)

Date: 24th July 2017


Organisation: Silver End Parish Council

Project: Community use Defibrillator

Overall cost of project: £900

Grant awarded: £500

Joint Grant: No

Date: 9th August 2017



Organisation: Cressing Temple Community Shed

Project: Promotional material

Overall cost of project: £316.00

Grant awarded: £316.00

Joint Grant: No

Date: 1st October 2017


Organisation: Francis Crittall Pavilion Association

Project: Francis Crittall Pavilion Association

Overall cost of project: £80000

Grant awarded: £1000

Joint Grant: No

Date: 19th October 2017


Organisation: Francis Crittall Pavilion Trust

Project: Storage

Overall cost of project: £1500 (requesting £650)

Grant awarded: £650

Joint Grant: No

Date: 24th October 2018


Organisation: Francis Crittall Pavilion Trust

Project: Francis Crittall Pavilion Sign

Overall cost of project: £1000 (requesting £350)

Grant awarded: £350

Joint Grant: No

Date: 21st November 2018


Organisation: Witham Art and Sketch Club 
Charity Registration Number:
Witham Art and Sketch Club - Room and Speakers 
Overall cost of Project:
Grant Awarded:
£184 (for now)
Joint Grant:
17th March 2019
Financial Year:

Organisation: Witham Art and Sketch Club 
Charity Registration Number: 
Insurance and Guest Speaker Changes  
Overall cost of Project: 
Grant Awarded:
Joint Grant:
1st November 2019
Financial Year:


Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

1. Employment, office, trade, profession or vocation

Councillor:  Essex County Councillor and Parish Councillor for Rivenhall Parish Council

Spouse: Employment declared

2. Financial Support

Councillor: Election expenses from the Witham and Braintree Green Party.

Spouse: None

3. Contracts with Braintree District Council

Councillor/Spouse: None  

4. Land/Property

Councillor/Spouse: 1 Waterfall Cottages, Park Road, Rivenhall, CM8 3PR and 45 Collingwood Road, Witham, CM8 2DZ

5. Property Licences

Councillor/Spouse: None

6. Tenancies with Braintree District Council

Councillor/Spouse: None

7. Securities

Councillor/Spouse: None

Other Pecuniary Interest

8. Employment


9. Discharged Contracts with Braintree District Council


Registerable Non-Pecuniary interests

10. Relevant Memberships

Chairman of Witham and Braintree Green Party, Co-ordinator of Essex Green Party, Essex County Council (ECC Councillor - Witham Northern Division), Rivenhall Parish Council, Member of: British Astronomical Association (and Cfds), CPRE (Essex), Witham and Countryside Society, End to End Nature Care, North Essex Astronomical Society, Stop Stansted Expansion (SSE), VCL Alumni, Greenpeace, and Braintree District Council's representative to the Rivenhall Playing Field Association.


11. Gifts and Hospitality with as estimated value of at least £50



Updated: 25th June 2019